Effortless networking with one-click tailored outreach.

Forget the tediousness of online networking. Stand out in your job search with our extension— land introductions, referrals, and interviews to your dream companies.
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Helping you save time and effort

Sean H.
Google APM Intern
"Reel.fyi can cut down time spent on networking by 90%."
Jesse T.
Apple SWE
“Easy to use and effective. I feel better knowing I'm doing more than applying.”
Henry Z.
Meta PM Intern
“Referrals helped me the most in breaking into top companies.”
Sam Y.
Netflix SWE
"This is a game changer for job seekers who want to go above and beyond."
Jenny C.
Uber APM
"It has 10x'd my outreach as a new grad. It's a useful tool for any job seeker."
Jack L.
Microsoft SWE
“I stand out by networking instead of just cold applying.”
Michael S.
LinkedIn APM
“Reel.fyi helps you get referrals in record time and expand my network.”
Alex L.
Snap SWE Intern
"This literally takes a few seconds to set up and is totally worth having."

How it works

Step 1

Install our Chrome extension & and take your job search to the next level. Discover connections at your dream job or company on LinkedIn with our filter tool.

Step 2

Send personalized outreach messages, tailored to both you & your recipient, in one click. Say goodbye to crafting messages from scratch.

Step 3

Connecting is just the first step. Schedule calls to get advice, referrals, or anything else that might help in your job search. Rinse & repeat Steps 1-3.


How do I get Reel.fyi?

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Who is Reel.fyi for?

All job seekers from students to experienced professionals.

How does Reel.fyi help?

Research shows that 85% of jobs are filled through networking, but 80% of cold outreach messages on LinkedIn are ignored. That's why we use AI to personalize your outreach messages, increasing your chances of success with every message.

Whether you're seeking a referral or the attention of a recruiter, Reel.fyi streamlines your efforts, helping you do more with less time. With our platform, you can build meaningful connections, get referrals, and land your dream job faster.

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