Personalized video outreach to 10x your LOIs, at scale.

We use generative AI to create realistic videos that match your looks and voice to land more calls and close more LOIs. Think Loom, but you can create unlimited videos with 2 minutes of footage.
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Built for pre-PMF founders, by founders

Sean M.
Founder/CEO @ Pied Piper
Reel helped me find my first 50 users by sending outreach on LinkedIn!
Sean D.
Co-Founder @ Doodler
Easy to use and effective. I'm able to 10x my outreach to customers pre-PMF.
Ryan D.
Founder/CPO @ Matter
The video intros are amazing and work so much better than plain messages.
Sam Y.
Co-Founder @ Rickle
This is a game changer for sales folks who want to go above and beyond.
Jenny C.
Co-Founder @ Web3 Stealth
Reel has 10x'd my response rate on LinkedIn, videos convert super well!
Jack L.
Investor @ Mantler
Easy to use and effective. I'm able to send way more outreach to founders.
Michael S.
Co-Founder @ Papaya
Reel helps you get customers in record time and boost my responses.
Alex L.
Co-Founder @ Paranorm
This literally takes a few seconds to set up and is totally worth having.

How it works

Step 1

Upload a 2 minute clip of you to train your AI (yup, all we need!).

Step 2

Send countless personalized video messages to a list of leads.

Step 3

Track, test, & improve performance automatically.


How do I get

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Who is for?

We're looking to help pre-PMF startups. We'd love to chat if your company is doing a lot of cold outreach, from founders to freelancers!

How does help?

Research shows that personalized video boosts sales conversion dramatically. With cold emailing losing effectiveness, we've decided to hone in on the potential of LinkedIn with the addition of video intros to help you stand out.

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